Chase has been with me on and off for about a year. We’ve been working on her guitar skills and also on increasing her vocal range. We’ve also been recording cover songs in order for her to understand the timing and consistency it takes to be a real artist. Having just turned 14, she has a ton of potential to be a great singer/songwriter!

Robert is a great kid to teach. We have a lot of fun learning a lot of contemporary songs while still learning essential music theory. While not every student’s goal is to be a professional musician, many like Robert understand the enrichment of music in one’s life and have a blast learning a new musical instrument.

I am so proud of Ariana. She went from knowing a few chords and not singing at all to fronting her own band. When we first started working on songwriting, I never thought she'd love it and be so good at it. She's now gigging around the South Bay and I can't wait to hear more of her original music.

Not every student I teach is trying to be in a band or do music as a profession. Some just want to learn to play an instrument to relax. Phil and I have been working on a lot of songs but we also have a lot of fun with creating guitar solos.

MacKenzie is a joy to teach. We work on both guitar and vocals and she's learning fast. I can't wait for her first solo performance.

Roland has been with me for years and started on guitar before realizing his love for the bass. Although he was shy and didn't talk much at first, we now have a great time talking and laughing during his lesson time. We've worked on many different styles and now he plays in a band and has even performed at the Grammy Museum. I'm definitely proud of how far he's come and I look forward to see him reach his potential.

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When I first came to Peter, singing was difficult and often painful. In just a few short months he had taught me the techniques to make singing easier and more enjoyable. His insight into the structure of the vocal cords presented a great illustration. He made singing an even more fun experience by accompanying me with songs that I enjoyed (no matter how painful it was for him.) he helped me to completely rework the way I sing, and taught me that singing doesn’t have to be painful. Going to Peter is the best decision I have made in terms of singing. More than just my vocals improved with my visits though, my general knowledge of music has vastly improved as well. Peter has opened my eyes to some incredible artists, and enhanced my music library. He Is truly a great teacher!

Pam is one of those singers who proves that hard work pays off. She worked with me for months before we started having our first big breakthroughs. All of a sudden her voice became stronger and she was louder and had more control than ever. I'm always impressed at how good she became but she definitely put in the work!

Chris is a great young guitar player and this video was done over a year ago. Now, he's a much better singer and a guitar player and is now even learning the bass.

Shea is a great young bass player. We worked on a little bit of everything from technique and diverse styles. Click on the video above for his testimonial.

Dan came to me knowing quite a few songs but had some holes in his technique. We worked on soloing, singing and learning more complex songs. He now plays regularly on his church's worship team. Click on the video above for his testimonial.

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