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Jayme came to me at 15 years old with some basic guitar skills and no performance experience. In a few short years she went from performing at her church to appearing on American Idol. I give her all the credit because I have rarely seen a musician work so hard on their craft. She worked so hard on everything I showed her and I when we started working on songwriting I was blown away at her natural ability to craft a great tune. Her hard work paid off recently with her being featured on the Hunger Games Soundtrack and a record deal with Universal Republic Records. Look for big things from this talented artist in the future. 

Ramona is an incredibly talented singer and artist who is pursing music and theatre as a career. It was a joy working with here and I'm sure she has a bright career ahead. Click on the video above to watch her testimonial.

SophiaI like when there's a type of music or a particular song you want to learn. Peter can show you different ways to play them based on your level. I enjoy how Peter can tell you the history of the style of music as well as the instruments. He can also tell you the background of the person who wrote the song. Creatively he can incorporate the new techniques you are learning and give examples in the style of music you like. I find it helpful when he types out my homework for the week. He is always encouraging and I appreciate the times he has gone over our lesson. Thank you Peter!
Sincerely, Sophia

What I like about Peter is he teaches me songs that I want to learn and adjusts it to my level. At the beginning of each lesson we review the small stuff from the past week. If I learned a song, we go over it. I always have fun when that part comes up. I am into rock music but he can teach all kinds of music. After that part of the lesson we review scales, techniques and a bunch of other stuff. I like to hear him play his guitar using the techniques. He is really good at it especially when he moves up and down the scales. I enjoy when we play together.
Sincerely, Miles

Stacey.jpgSomeone else on my church’s worship team mentioned that they were taking guitar lessons from Peter, and I had been looking for an instructor so I took a chance and Peter said he’d be glad to help out. It’s been a lot of fun. I really enjoy playing along with him when I’m at my lessons. One of my favorite lessons is when we went to the beach. I was so jazzed up afterwards that I actually stayed at the beach and played for another two hours after that – it felt great!

Peter has always made me feel very comfortable. He doesn’t judge me for not doing all my work. (He just accepts me where I’m at and helps me move forward from there.) The best thing for me is that Peter doesn’t let me give up, even when I feel like it. He is always very encouraging and helpful. I’m looking forward to many lessons to come…

~Stacey O.


Dear Peter,

Seaira and I have been taking guitar lessons with you for a while now, and we just wanted you to know how excited we are, and how much fun you have made it for the both of us. Not being from a musical back ground and having no prior experience with guitar lessons , it was real important we found a teacher with some patience with us. You have been wonderful, patient and most of all very supportive with us as beginners. we look forward to our lessons with you and will refer you to our friends. We enjoy the way you let us pick our style of music and have fun with the lessons. My daughter counts down the days before she gets to see you for her next lesson and that tells me how much she likes you and enjoys your style and lessons.

Thank you Peter.

~ Victoria & Seaira


It is so amazing to play songs I have loved for years. Peter is a gifted teacher who inspires me to grow musically. In the first lesson, Peter and I made a list of songs I wanted to learn, then, he matched songs to my skill level. Learning the songs increased my understanding of the fretboard, scales and introduced me to new techniques. As I developed, more songs followed. Peter has also opened my eyes to different artists, and he has taught me to analyze songs and appreciate music on several new levels. Patient and kind, Peter is always supportive and gently corrects me, asking, "Are you sure?" At the end of every lesson he prints out feedback, exercises and songs for me to work on during the week. My lesson book is now an inch thick and growing. Thank you Peter, your music lesson is the best part of my week. You are awesome!
~ Stephen J.

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