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"I came to Peter Rhee in Feb. of 2006 with absolutely no musical DNA in my background. It was a little daunting at first to be such a novice at guitar even though the idea of learning guitar was a secret passion I've had for quite a while. Peter knows the process of setting realistic goals with students and understands how to proceed towards those goals in a way that motivated me to practice. As an x-pro athlete and teacher myself, I understand how valuable that ability is in order to help someone improve at something and to the learning process in general! Peter is also an incredibly well rounded musician and has a such a comprehensive background with the many genres and history of music that I can see how he so capably works with such a wide variety of individuals and their often eclectic tastes in music. His non confrontational style and easy going demeanor makes each and every lesson a true joy! I am playing a variety of songs with some confidence and feel like I can actually play guitar ~ whether it is really painful to my own or any else's ears is not such a concern for me now!" 
~ Bennet S.

Without hesitation I would highly recommend that my good friends, family and anyone else I care about take their guitar lessons with Peter Rhee.
From day one, Peter helped me to establish my objective and set goals and he has provided me with all the necessary tools to accomplish them. My main objective was to play and sing and to be able to “move” people with music.
I’m already doing these things, and as I continue to learn it just gets more fun and more exciting!
I can now jam with friends and even entertain at parties!
Peter has taught me not only how to play guitar, he has also taught me about musicianship. He is very detail oriented and has taught me the importance of rhythm, dynamics, vocals and many other skills that are important for becoming more than just another mediocre guitar player.
I still take lessons with Peter and after 2 years, every session continues to be an enjoyable experience.” 
~ Jerry M.

Jerry is one of my most improved students I’ve worked with him. Starting with no singing or performing experience, he has grown to be a talented worship leader at his church. I’m very proud of his accomplishments and I know with his work ethic he’ll improve even more.

“Peter helped me gain self-confidence in my singing ability. Instilling confidence through proper vocal technique is one of the most important things an instructor can teach a student. Peter is relentless in making sure you never back away from reaching your full potential. He teaches you to meet challenges in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere.”
~ Mara W.

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