These are my friends, colleagues and business associates. If I missed you, just e-mail me and I’ll add your name to the list.

Greg Back - A good friend and a great luthier.
B-band - The only acoustic pickups I use.
Bigmista BBQ - My friend Neil makes the best BBQ that I’ve ever tasted!
Bumblefoot - Ron Thal is one of the most amazing guitarists on the planet.
Philip Bynoe - A great guy, a great player.
Fralin Pickups - Lindy Fralin Pickups, some of the finest Strat replacement pickups ever.
Bishop Garlington - An inspirational man.
Grosh Guitars - The finest Strat-style guitar I’ve ever played!
Dave Kay - My good friend and South Bay drummer.
Line 6 - I love the Variax, POD X3L, POD HD500 and Toneport!
Marathon Records - My friend, Jeff Elbel.
Ronee Martin - My friend and a great R&B singer.
Monte Montgomery - My favorite acoustic player.
Matt North - Incredibly talented professional drummer and teacher.
Seth Riggs - I’ve learned so much from him.
Marc Slutsky - Former drummer of Splender.
Norm Stockton - Norm is a fantastic bass player and a super-nice guy.
Michael Thompson - You’ve heard his guitar playing even if you don’t know it.
Too Many Bunnies - This is one of the charities I volunteer at. If you're interested in fostering or adopting a rabbit, let me know.

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