Visiting a Former Student

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I have to admit that I got a little teary eyed watching my former student lead worship at church today. Jayme has been on a major label and has a popular YouTube channel and it's all due to her hard work and incredible talent. I just feel honored to have been there in the beginning.

Inflation and Possible Rate Increases

Hello everyone! As you know the rate of inflation in the US goes up every year. While my rent, utilities and living expenses have gone up, I’ve kept my rates the same for over 10 years. This was done to make music affordable for everyone because of the economy. But at this point, it’s actually starting to affect my life negatively. So as much as I’ve talked about raising rates, it looks like if I want to actually survive and keep living in this area a rate increase is inevitable. Starting in the Fall I have to raise my rates in order to just survive but the good news is if you sign up before then you’ll stay at the lower rate. Don’t waste time, contact me now and start learning, I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Easter Sunday Sunrise Service on the USS Iowa


I was part of a group that played an Easter Sunrise service on the USS Iowa. I had no idea there would be TV news coverage. We were on the news for a whole 15 seconds! I better not let this go to my head. It really was a slow news day!

I also took video of the whole service and compressed the hour and a half service into 53 seconds.

Good Friday at RHCC


Had the honor of playing for a Good Friday service at Rolling Hills Covenant Church. It was a moving service and the old chapel was full of people singing as loud as the band. 

Logic Pro X

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I finally bit the bullet and upgraded to Logic Pro X. The learning curve for me was about 2 minutes. The layout is clean and intuitive and it imported my old songs without problem. The only thing to work out is getting it to recognize some of my old plugins. 

Machida & Munoz - Good Sportsmanship

I love good sportsmanship. Friends Lyoto Machida and Mark Munoz were friends and training partners before their fight this Saturday and even after Machida winning the fight by KO, they still had dinner together after the fight. 

Back Up Your Computer!

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m obsessed with backing up my computer files. They contain decades of pictures, tax information, business information and if they were lost, I would be too!

This week I spent a lot of time helping a friend recover over 26GB of files off of an old hard drive that her computer “expert” formatted without asking. If she had more than one backup, this wouldn’t have mattered. Since I’m now a Mac person, I use Time Machine (of course) but I also use a program called “SuperDuper!”. It creates not only a full backup of everything including your operating system, but if your computer hard drive goes down, you can boot right from your backup hard drive. Also, your Time Machine backups can live on the same drive. Go to for more information.

Dirty Loops Releases an Original Song

The group Dirty Loops, known for their outstanding cover versions of songs finally released their first original song. I can’t wait until they release their full CD.

Father’s Day

IMG 0669

Father’s Day had me preparing the youth band to lead worship again. All of these kids are easy to work with and actually fun to be around. It’s hard to put into words how proud of them I am.

For last year’s video I had the kids do pictures with their fathers and that went over well. Nothing like getting the fathers in the church all teary eyed. This year I wanted to do something different so I put together an interview style video where I got them to talk about their fathers. It went over well and there were a lot of laughs. Yes, sharp eyed viewers will see Samantha pop in and out of the video and that’s because she had to go to work so some scenes were filmed after she had already left. Just wait until next year, I have something really special planned! 

Amazing Cover Version

There are so many cover versions of songs on YouTube but this band does something really special with one of the lamest pop songs. These kids are supremely talented!

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