Michael Thompson was born on February 11, 1954, in Brooklyn, New York & raised on Long Island. He started playing guitar at age 9, and after seeing the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1964, was inspired to be a musician. All through Jr. High and High School, he had a band with his brother Todd and various friends called Stonefeather. At age 19, he left New York for Boston to attend The Berklee College of Music. While at Berklee, M.T. met many of the musicians that he would later work with on the Los Angeles music scene. After going to Berklee for two years, Michael got a gig with a popular local R&B group called The Ellis Hall Group. He toured and recorded with this group for four years. Getting to play funk music was as important in developing his unique style as was his schooling at Berklee. In 1977, Michael met his wife of 28 years, Gloria. In 1979, Michael and Gloria moved to Los Angeles to begin a studio career. Upon arrival, Michael got a gig touring with Joe Cocker. In the first year things were tight, money wise, and Michael had to drive a cab to survive financially. After his cab gig, he did a year-long world tour with Cher, which was his biggest break yet. After that, Michael did a band with Andy Fraser (formerly of The Free) and they recorded the album Fine Fine Line for Island Records. By then, Michael had been honing his craft playing on many songwriters publishing demos and doing any sessions that were offered. Among those gigs, Michael did the popular T.V. show Fame, in which he played on for four years, and Miami Vice for its last season. In 1988, after working to try and get a record deal with his band Slang for several years, he finally got a record deal with Geffen Records and recorded one album entitled How Long under the name Michael Thompson Band (MTB). The singer for this group was Moon Calhoun, who has been a long time friend of Michaels. Also in 1988, Michael got to do an album with the band Animal Logic with Stewart Copeland, Stanley Clarke, and Debbie Holland. This was an important gig for M.T. because it led to working on many movie scores with both Stewart and Stanley as composers. While with Animal Logic, Michael got to tour Europe while having the thrill of playing live on stage with two of his musical heroes. He had always been a fan of Stanley Clarke & The Police were always one of his favorite bands. In 1989, Michael got his first opportunity to work with all-star producer, David Foster. This led to Michael playing on many of David’s hit productions over the next fifteen years. Michael has expressed that working with David has been the single most important element of his recording career. Michael feels that working with David has been an honor and a great learning experience. In the mid-90’s, Michael also started working with producer/R&B singer, Babyface, and got a chance to play on many big hits with him as well. These hits include “Change the World” by Eric Clapton, “Every Time I Close My Eyes”, and the Waiting to Exhale soundtrack. Michael was also part of Babyface’s live band for his Live In NYC DVD. In 1995 Michael got a chance to work with Quincy Jones on his “Qs Juke Joint” album, in which Quincy made Michael a ‘special’ guest artist. In 1996, Michael released his first solo album, The World According to M.T. The song “Change is Gonna Come” featuring Bobby Womack received a lot of airplay on R&B radio stations across the U.S. This album was a favorite among guitar players and music lovers around the world. In 2001, Michael received a call from producer Mutt Lange to work on his wife, Shania Twain’s, new album “Up!”. Michael had long admired Mutt as one of his favorite producers and it was a huge thrill to be asked to contribute to that project. Also in 2001, Michael received the “Distinguished Alumni” award from The Berklee College of Music commemorating his contributions to the music industry. That year, Berklee Today, the schools magazine, featured a cover story on Michael entitled Platinum Touch. Michael has been working on his album MT Speaks for four years and in October 2005 will release the long-awaited follow-up to The World According to M.T. The all-instrumental album features artists such as Stanley Clarke, Vinny Coliauta, Nathan East, and newcomers Nathanial Morton (drums) and Sean Halley (bass). Besides his wife, Gloria, Michael’s family includes daughter, Sahara and sons Zach, Jason and Gordon. They have lived in Culver City for 17 years.